Frequently Asked Questions

If you feel confused and have any questions or queries regarding PC Ideals, contact us through the contact number and email provided on our website. To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of questions that are commonly asked.

We work on all kids of computer models – new or old. So, if you ask us for an Apple Mac Air repair or an Windows laptop repair, we’ve got your back. We work on your computer system irrespective of its age and model.

We will pick up your computer from anywhere in the UK, including the Channel Islands. Additionally, we also provide pick-up and delivery services in other remote areas which are not accessible by the Royal Mail.

Our insured courier services will come to your doorstep to collect your computer and bring it to our repair centre. We cover all the expenses for the courier service.

We use solid packing material to keep your computer safe and secure – your device will not suffer any damage while being couriered.

No, we ensure that you do not lose any of your data stored on the device. We don’t touch or remove your data unless the device repair calls for it. Even in that case, you don’t have to worry. We will inform you if your data needs to be removed.

We do not examine any data stored on your devices. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Our extensive experience with corporate clients in London and Birmingham has taught us the value of privacy. So, relax, because we are trustworthy!

We use solid packing material to keep your computer safe and secure – your device will not suffer any damage while being couriered.

Yes, you may bring your device to our computer repair centre anytime. Although we provide courier pick-up and delivery services, we are also open to the general public and in-store services. Our store is located in central Southsea on the main Albert Road shopping area.

You will find our store halfway between the Crossroads and the King’s Theatre, just across the Southsea Junior School and the 5th Hants Volunteer Arms.

Yes, we will give you an exact quote on the repair prices before proceeding with the repair. We will not start repairing your device until you approve and give us the ‘go-ahead.

We urge you to be available and reachable on the contact information you provide to avoid any communication delays.

Yes. Our workshop staff have full experience in both hardware and software repairs. If our diagnostic test does not flag up a problem with the hardware inside your system then we are also able to fully repair any software issues that you may be experiencing. We are usually able to repair such problems in place, without affecting your data or reinstalling your operating system. We can fix software issues on various computer systems.

In some cases, the repair cost might be higher than the value of the computer itself. This is particularly apt for the older systems. In such a scenario, we provide you with other options that you can opt for.

However, if you decide not to have your computer fixed, we are happy to safely dispose of the device while complying with the WEEE regulations.

This service is provided free of charge. The same is applicable if you send your system for repair to us and are now looking to take it back home. We will help you recover any personal and private data that you need before disposing of the device.

Additionally, we also produce an insurance report delineating the faults in your system that you wish to claim on. We have a plethora of options available and are usually able to help with any problem.

No. We never remove or otherwise touch your data unless we are required to for backup purposes, and we’ll always talk you through the process before we do that. Your data is never erased by us, and we do not examine files or documents of any description because we are not required to do so to complete the repair. We are trusted by larger companies and have worked with corporate clients in London and Birmingham in the past.

We offer multiple payment gateways to those who avail of our services. We accept payments methods such as all the major UK debit and credit cards, including the following:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Additionally, we also accept online payments through PayPal and Google Checkout.

Yes. Our courier will collect from anywhere in the UK, including the Channel Islands and other remote areas that Royal Mail and many other couriers do not collect from or deliver to. We will cover all expenses in getting your computer system to us. Our couriers are all fully insured and we use solid packing materials to ensure a safe return to you once the repair is complete.

Yes, you can count on us to repair the software and the hardware of your computer. We have experienced professionals proficient in both software and hardware repairs. We run a diagnostic test to check if there are any issues with the hardware of your device.

If no hardware issues are detected, we proceed to repair any software issues that your device may have. Generally, we can resolve software issues without affecting your data or reinstalling the OS on your device.

However, if you are likely to lose your data in the repairing process, we will inform you and proceed only if you’re okay with it. We will further provide you with a range of options to choose from about data handling.

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